February 01, 2019

How I made a Webtoon

How I made a Webtoon #1
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TitleHow I made a Webtoon
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💕No Pook Doodles for this week. Instead here is how I create Webtoon pages for Down To Earth~ sorry the audio is low. No matter what I do it turns out this way. I can't tell if it's me or the mic. xD💕

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🎵Beautiful jam: Gravemint - Rain, Hello
Song here: [[link stripped]]

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🎶Outro song by Mashtendo
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😊I love fan art!
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It may appear in a future video! Draw Pookie or any characters featured in my videos! Make sure you also let me know what name to credit you as or it will not be featured. Please try not to spam~ Love you! 💕

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If you enjoy my art style and want me to doodle something find all the information on my website.
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✎Drawing Tablet
Microsoft Surface Pro 4
(with pen)

Art: Clip Studio Paint Pro
Editing: Vegas Movie Studio

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