May 22, 2018

Astronauts are Actors

Astronauts are Actors #1
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TitleAstronauts are Actors
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This is a bunch of interesting clips I edited together to help shine the light on all the actors up in outer space. All the actornauts on the international fake station.

The following videos & clips can be found in the Links below, thank you all!

GLOBEBUSTERS. Antarctica - Sorry We're Closed!  [[link stripped - click to show]]

Paul on the Plane. Antarctica is NOT a continent  [[link stripped]]

Convex Earth - The Documentary
 [[link stripped]]

Elon Musk " you can tell it's real because it looks so fake"  [[link stripped]]

Paul on the Plane - Faking Space /camera
 [[link stripped]]
 [[link stripped]]

Buddy Huggins - Nasa caught lying
 [[link stripped]]

Foundry - the making of Gravity
 [[link stripped]]

047Films - behind the scenes
 [[link stripped]]

Rob Skiba - How the 4 seasons work
 [[link stripped]]

Viktor Nagy - Men in Black Scene
 [[link stripped]]

Astro Not - Nasa gang losing it Live
 [[link stripped]]

Bling Bling - the reflection in ipad
 [[link stripped]]

GeoShifter - Rocket hitting the Dome
 [[link stripped]]

Lucid Truth - strange truth project
 [[link stripped]]

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